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Donate to the Saskatchewan Para-Sport Dream Tour:


This project relies on your kindness to develop the programs necessary to expand opportunities for Saskatchewan’s sport community with disabilities. With your help we will continue to promote and support the development, leadership and integration of athletes with disabilities in Saskatchewan and introduce new members to the benefits of physical activity and sport.


To continue our programs and provide new and future members with better access to sport and recreational opportunities we ask for your support in our fundraising efforts. These funds will stay in the province and ‘Bridge the Gap’ for adaptive sport activities.

Gifts in kind:  (Click on each image to read more.)

Many thanks to Heather Peat Hamm (Blue Grama)  who creatively designed our banner/poster.







GoodLife Fitness for their gym bags, t-shirts, water bottles and fitness passes.  







A big thank you to STC as they have provided $1000.00 in bus tickets. 







Many thanks go out to the Saskatoon Media Group for donating $10,5000.00 of promotional time supporting our Para Sport Relay. 

Sponsor Options:

Title Sponsor: ($10,000)

  • Naming rights for the event and inclusion of logo on all event material

  • Prominent Logo or marketing message on Tour Bus (2 sides) 25’Company banner at all official tour events

  • Opportunity for sponsor to speak at events.

Excellence Award Sponsor: ($2500)

  • Logo recognition on the Saski/SWSA websites

  • Logo recognition on Tour Bus (1 Side) and banner

  • Name recognition in all media events and logo featured on website and Facebook for six months

Silver Sponsor: ($1000)

  • Logo recognition on Tour Bus (1 side)

  • Name recognition in all media events and logo featured on websites and Facebook for three months

Bronze Sponsor: ($500)

  • Name recognition in all media events and logo featured on websites and Facebook for three months


Donor Options:


Option 1 - Individual persons making cash donations are eligible for a tax deductable receipt when donation is addressed to "National Sport Trust Fund", and handled by SASKI-Skiing for Disabled.


Option 2 -  Clubs or organizations donating $200 will have their "identity" on a 12 inch by 18 inch flag affixed to the motor home during the Tour.  This is a participation incentive whereby sport clubs or provincial organizations are eligible for revenue sharing, should there be any financial surplus when the project is completed.


Revenue sharing criteria:

70% of any surplus to organizer (SASKI-Skiing for Disabled)

30% of any surplus divided equally among the 'flagged identities'.

These 'flagged identities' will have name recognition in some media events / 3 month listing on website / mementoes.


The groups should make their cheque payable to: 

Saski - Skiing for the Disabled, and not to the National Sport Trust Fund. Groups donating are not eligible for a tax receipt but are able to be part of revenue sharing project.


If you are an individual donor please click on the button below to access your donation form.

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