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Revenue Opportunity
(Time Sensitive : Deadline is May 16, 2016 )
TO : SASKI Clubs; SASKI Disciplines ; all PSGBs in Saskatchewan

You are all invited to purchase a "flag" with your club name, your discipline identity, or your sport organization name on a 12" X 18" flag for $200. These flags will be attached to prominent locations on our RV which will be passing along Hwy #'11 through 10 communities which will include Prince Albert, Saskatoon, Regina and others. The media opportunities are expected to be quite good during the 10 days of the Tour from June 8 - 17, 2016.

While the main focus of the Para-Sport Tour is awareness and recruitment, we expect to have some surplus after the project is completed. We already have some sponsors (see web page), and we anticipate more sponsors, as well as tax-receiptable donations along the way.

By participating in this "flag" opportunity you will be eligible for revenue sharing with us.  The revenue sharing will work like this : After the expenses of the Tour are covered, the surplus will be divided: 70% to SASKI - Skiing for Disabled for organizing the event, 30% to be equally divided among the flag partners (ie) you could get your investment re-imbursed to some degree, or you could make some revenue. We promise you exposure & awareness of your club or your sport.

Your $200 cheque sponsorship is payable to "SASKI"

(17 Clark Crescent, Saskatoon, Sask., S7H 3LB)
Thank you for your participation and support.
For more information contact: 
SASKI-Skiing for Disabled: Pat Prokopchuk or Colette Bourgonje
Tel : 306-374-7745 or 306-221-5798
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